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tom byrne
Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
ok i know my grammer has alot to be desired but i would like to see what you all think of my work? =]

Unlike most stories you hear about mine was different mine began with another story, mine was somewhat strange…
I'm running, the blood in my veins is fire and my heart beating like a drum.
I'm looking for someone.  
A word repeats in my head burning itself into my skull seem to burn into my skull "fearan."
There is a clearing someone is on top waiting for me.
A girl, but no matter how far or long I run I cannot get up to her.
And then I wake up.

The first day of my second year in St Peter's high school was like any other I woke up, had a wash, brushed my teeth, got dressed and set off for school, now at this point you must be asking what about breakfast? You see I had what is common in most teenagers the condition is called "over sleeping" and every morning without fail leads to me leaving for school without eating.

My walk to school is strictly speaking, well its boring to say the least but other than that it's quite nice the birds chirp away, the wind blows through green trees  all is calm and peaceful , as wales usually is, rolling green hills and all that.

The school is a another thing entirely its chaotic like a storm, the "cool" kids loiter around the astro-turf, the "Goth's" sat on a set of semi-circle like stairs that I always thought where fashioned into a sort of stage for drama lessons but where never used, the "uncool" kids sat inside the hallways of the buildings laughing listening to music and then there was me, now I feel that this is an appropriate time to introduce myself my name is Thomas Brown but you can call me Tom for short. Now my name is one of the most common name I know, I have longish black hair, brown eyes I supported a five foot eight skinny tanned body.                                                                                                                                                 
So shall we press on with the story now we are formally introduced?

Now I was one of the few kids you will ever meet I had no friends, now most people say that but they actually have a few but not many but I quite literally had no friends,  I was bullied but the strangest thing to me is that I was in love.
Her name was Eliza solace, to say that Eliza was beautiful was an understatement , she had golden blond hair, supple lips, sky blue eyes and well let's just say she had a nice figure.   

Now I wasn't even a blip on her radar let alone a love interest so I continued to watch from afar I had even planned to give her a secret valentine's card and leave it in her locker last year but chickened out at the last moment.
My day went as well as you'd expect I was taunted every other lesson was pushed over twice and even had the pleasure of someone spilling a drink on me while eating supposedly by accident but I couldn't tell.

The end bell tolled and a tidal wave of pupils flooded the street in front of the school all splitting off into their little groups some caught buses, some were picked up and others simply walked, now I don't like this suffocating tangle of people so I leave when everything calms down.                                 As I left the school I saw eliza she was on her phone laughing and talking in a world of her own, I was only a few metres behind her I could smell the sweet perfume she wore so luxuriously almost like a diamond necklace.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something coming fast down the road, it was a car going way over the 20mph speed limit. eliza stepped out into the road oblivious to the danger approaching her, suddenly my body sprang into action.                                                                                                        "eliza look out!!" I screamed with desperation.

Sprinting faster than I thought possible I reached her just in time pushed her away. Next all I saw was the world spinning and red, thinking as I flew why didn't he stop? Why couldn't he see her? Then there was just blackness not like turning all the lights off and not being able to see this was deeper this was a dark void that seemed to pull in sound, light, life.

The idea of waking up upside-down in a forest seems fun but when your there the only way I can describe my thoughts and actions was that I was in a frenzied panic, chancing a glance at my leg in my panic i noticed I was tangled in a vine from a tree.                                                                                                                           

Now I don't want to brag but I untangled myself and landed on the ground with feline precision of which I was proud is what I'd like to say but in fact I landed like a belly flop and the ground is not as forgiving as water, my first thought was to use my phone maybe try and get some signal but as I reached into my pockets it wasn't there feeling frustrated I sighed and shifted my weight from one leg to another, a crack followed.
Raising an eyebrow I looked down to find I was in fact standing on what were now the remains of my phone, and so I walked for hours I walked to no end till the sun had started to set.                                                       

Every child is told that the woods are dangerous at night but I was stubborn and wanted to get out of this place as fast as possible.
Setting myself a brisk pace I kept walking until my foot snagged on something…sticky, I looked down to find it was a sort of see-through string sort of like a spiders...

It was then I looked around and it hit me harder than the car that had brought me here heavier than a mountain.
In all the trees around me where giant spiders webs and if taunting me maliciously there sat perfectly still giant spiders lay, roughly the size a dinner table my first instinct was to run but as I turn around one of them had been silently like an assassin sliding down from its web to catch its next meal, as I turned around its eyes were on me cold and lifeless, everything was food to this creature everything prey.

I fell back narrowly avoiding sharp fangs bound for the back of the head; instead I managed to escape with just a scratch on my right arm. Grabbing the nearest thing I could I picked up a stick and threw it at the spider hitting it's eyes landing a good solid blow, it recoiled in pain and shot back up the tree screeching as it went.

My victory was short lived when all the other spiders started to move apparently I had begun a game of cat and mouse, winner gets a meal. Luckily for me I had a head start before they had reached the ground ducking and weaving through trees I could hear them hot in pursuit my arm felt like it was on fire but that would have to wait.

Out of breath and still being chased I finally came to a river without a single thought or pause I dived in if there was a waterfall at the end of it I knew it would be better than being eaten alive, I let the river take me down stream until I couldn't hear the screeching sounds of the spiders as they franticly searched for me.                                                                                                                                                      I decided it was time

to swim to the bank of the river trouble was I could hardly move, I had been unlucky enough to catch some of the spiders venom in my scratch, struggling with all I had left until I was almost at the bank I could have touched it had my vision not gone blurry and my body hard as rock.                                                                                                                                                                            I sank trapped in my own body accepting death my eyes closed.

A cool breeze washed over me mixed with the sound of laughter and strange voices, the smell of food made my mouth water and my belly ache.                                                                                                                                 Opening my eyes I looked around at the strange scene that lay before me I was in a wooden hut of some kind, plain and dark with a residue of old incense lingering in the air a musky dry smell I had come to associate with old men.                                                                                                                            

I tried to sit up but my body was still stiff as if made of stone, a girl came in tall and slender wearing a brown cloak with a hood hiding her face going about her work almost like a dance singing to herself in a language so foreign to me it sounded like gibberish,                                                                                                                         gathering my wits I attempted to speak my mouth moved but no words came out.

Noticing I was awake the girl turned towards me removing her hood to reveal red hair fiery like the last of the autumn leaves but it was her eyes that caught me as if I couldn't look away they were a dark green like garnets so deep and vibrant, when she spoke it was soft like a whisper floating on the breeze carrying with it her scent sweet like nectar.
"How are you feeling?" she seemed to whisper as if for my ears only.
I stared blankly at her trying to find the words any words,
"are you thirsty?" she mumbled as if talking to a skittish dog
"Yes" I nodded weakly.
She smiled ever so slightly handing me a bowl full of water never leaving my gaze watching my every movement, examining how I took the bowl, how I drank, what I did with the empty bowl even my body language when I tried to communicate was studied like a rare creature.
"You are a strange child yes?" almost stating a fact as she said it.
I didn't know if I was offended or amused at that comment but while I didn't know the temperament of the people around me I thought it best to agree.

The next day I awoke and decided to brave the world outside what I could only describe as a tee pee,
pushing back the piece of fabric which covered the entrance I emerged to a camp not unlike how I would imagine a native American tribe's camp would look like.

Not a sound was made as I emerged into the camp all eyes were on me as I was the strange child,
striding towards me with confidence the girl who had treated me paused a couple of feet from me, eyeing me up almost to see if I was a threat then continued on and grabbed my arm nearly dragging me off my feet.

she sat me down near a fire with a pot of stew and gave a command like you would a dog "eat" but I was in no position to argue ravenous from my near death experience and fever the stew could have been goats bollocks for all I cared, it was filling and tasteful and that's all that mattered.
After my meal it seemed it was now time for me to pay back the camp for the food and care they had offered me which was only fair considering I had spent 3 days doing nothing but sitting around,
my job for the day was making arrows, I was taught to break the slate, sharpen the shards, slipt the stick down the middle for about an inch and insert the arrow tip, bind the arrow tip with a leather strip and then attach feathers to the ends.

As I did this my pace and skill at making the arrows increased much to the delight of the younger members of the tribe who had also been given this task to perform, as evening crept in we called it a day and sat by the fire and the men had returned from the hunt with a wild boar and a few rabbits which considering I couldn't catch my cousins mice out of their cage was fairly impressive by my standards.

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